Class II-III Black River, WI

Hatfield Dam to Power Plant

When the full reach is runnable, it can provide some rare big water play in Wisconsin. This may be done as either a park-and-play at the put-in (where the best play waves are) or as the listed three mile run from the dam to the powerplant. The run may be extended to a landing at Hall's Creek to add three more minor drops (though most whitewater boaters forgo the added flatwater this necessitates).


The usual run (at moderate to high flows) starts about a quarter-mile below the dam (the first point reached from the carry-in from normal roadside boater parking). Between the dam and this point lie some serious drops which contains near inescapable boiling cauldrons at moderate to high flows (class IV-V+). As long as one puts in below this upper stretch, there no rapids which rise above a class II-III rating. (American Whitewater)

Section Details

Trip Length Partial Day, 3.2 Miles
Fishing Yes
Camping No
Manager Private, Hatfield Hydro
Wild & Scenic No
Water Trail No
Description American Whitewater
River Flow Information

This section of river is dependent on flow being released from an upstream hydropower dam.

Scheduled whitewater releases are provided annually. (Hatfield, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission P-10805)