Class II-III Klickitat River, WA

Wheeler Creek to Turkey Hole

The lower Klickitat offers a variety of recreation opportunities, including boating, fishing, hiking, camping and sightseeing. Boat fishing is popular when the salmon and steelhead are running.

There is an undeveloped boat put-in/take-out on Klickitat County Park land just below the Pitt bridge and river access at several places along Highway 142, including a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife fee camp site Turkey Hole. The take-out is before the fish screw trap at about river mile 5, just above the Klickitat canyon gorge.

The newly operating Fishway and Research Facility at the top of Lyle Falls requires boaters to take out at this point. The first drop, Lyle Falls, is a class 5+ and combined with the narrow canyon beyond is deadly to almost all who miss the take out. The falls also marks the beginning of the tribal in-lieu fishing sites and no boating is allowed through this area. River

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Fishing Yes
Permit No
Manager Bureau of Land Management, Spokane District Office
Wild & Scenic Yes
Water Trail No
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