Missouri River, SD/NE

Missouri National Recreational River Water Trail

The Missouri National Recreational River Water Trail contains some of the last remaining natural stretches of America's longest river. Come canoe, kayak, and camp along the trail as you experience the Missouri River as Lewis and Clark saw over two hundred years ago. The astonishing array of wildlife, scenic vistas and national significant history make a trip down this stretch of river a once in a lifetime experience.  

This designation consists of two separate segments—from the Fort Randall Dam downstream to the backwaters of Lewis and Clark Lake and from Gavins Point Dam downstream to Ponca State Park. These are among the last free-flowing segments of the once "Mighty Mo" and still exhibit the river's dynamic character in its islands, bars, chutes, and snags.


Section Details

Trip Length 147.0 Miles
Manager National Park Service, Missouri Nat. River Rec. Area
Wild & Scenic Yes
Water Trail Yes
Partner Information http://www.nps.gov/WaterTrails/Trail/Info/48
Photo Credit: National Park Service