Class III-IV Deerfield River, MA

The Dryway (Monroe Bridge to Bear Swamp)

The Upper Dryway runs rarely, since its natural water is impounded; it has trees growing in the riverbed.

Section Details

Trip Length Partial Day, 2.7 Miles
Fishing Yes
Camping No
Manager Private, TransCanada Hydro
Wild & Scenic No
Water Trail No
Description American Whitewater
River Flow Information

This section of river is dependent on flow being released from an upstream hydropower dam.

In 1994, NEPCO (Now TransCanada Hydro), a major regional utility based in Westborough, Massachusetts, together with twelve environmental and recreation organizations and government agencies joined in an agreement that commits the company to enhance recreation, fisheries, and conservation along the Deerfield River in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. The agreement is for 40 years and will guarantee 32 release days on the Dryway each Summer. (Source: American Whitewater)