Class I Wabash River, IL/KY

Illinois Fishing River (Darwin to Ohio River)

The Wabash River originates near Fort Recovery, Ohio. It flows southwest for 500 miles through Indiana and forms the boundary between Indiana and Illinois until it meets the Ohio River above Old Shawneetown, Illinois. It has a total drainage of 33,000 square miles, of which about two-thirds is agricultural. Approximately one-fourth of its drainage comes from Illinois. The Wabash is one of the largest free-flowing rivers east of the Mississippi River. It flows unimpeded for over 400 miles from the Huntington Dam in Indiana to its confluence with the Ohio. The Wabash does not have commercial navigation. The Illinois portion of the Wabash River, which is over 200 miles long, starts about 9 miles above Darwin, Illinois or about 15 miles below Terre Haute, Indiana. It continues its course south, picking up drainage from the Embarras River south of Vincennes, Indiana. At Mt. Carmel, Illinois, the White River, which drains a large portion of Indiana, enters the Wabash. At this point the Wabash nearly doubles in size and continues its course, receiving drainage from the Little Wabash near New Haven, Illinois. From this point the Wabash flows another 15 miles and ends at Wabash Island on the Ohio. (Illinois DNR)

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Trip Length Multiday, 200.0 Miles
Fishing No
Camping No
Manager State, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Wild & Scenic No
Water Trail No
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