Class II Upper Iowa River, IA

Upper Iowa River (Minnesota to Mississippi River)

It’s not for nothing that National Geographic magazine lists the Upper Iowa River as one of America’s 100 Greatest Adventures. Probably the most popular section of the most popular river in all of Iowa, this trip really is a must-do somewhere in between destiny and destination. The reputation is deserved. It’s certainly one of the prettiest rivers I’ve been lucky enough to paddle. The showstoppers are the limestone bluffs and sheer-faced cliffs – the “Bluffton Palisades” section in particular (which if you have ever seen a photo of the Upper Iowa River, it’s almost certainly of the palisades). (

Section Details

Trip Length Multiday, 147.0 Miles
Fishing Yes
Camping Yes
Manager State, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Wild & Scenic No
Water Trail Yes
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