Class II Boone River, IA

Boone River Water Trail

The Boone is a wild, intimate river flowing through a narrow, wooded corridor. Wildlife abounds in the woods and waters. History also comes to life. The rapid and steep fall of the river made it ideal for placement of sawmills and gristmills during the 19th century. While only their names remain, historical sites along the route help today’s paddlers learn about this rich history. (Iowa DNR)

Section Details

Trip Length Multiday, 80.0 Miles
Notes The Boone River is a navigable “non-meandered” stream in Iowa. That means that the State of Iowa owns the water flowing through it, but not the land adjacent to it or under it. (Iowa DNR)
Fishing Yes
Camping Yes
Manager State, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Wild & Scenic No
Water Trail Yes
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