Class I-II Eightmile River, CT

Wild & Scenic Eightmile (Various Locations to Connecticut River)

With over 150 miles of pristine rivers and streams and 62 square miles of relatively undeveloped rural land, the Eightmile River Watershed is an exceptional natural and cultural resource. The watershed contains large areas of unfragmented habitat, an array of rare and diverse wildlife, scenic vistas, high water quality, unimpeded stream flow, and significant cultural features.

Most notable is that the overall Eightmile River Watershed ecosystem is healthy and intact throughout virtually all of its range. The landscape of the watershed is characterized as one of low rolling hills and ridges separated by numerous small, narrow drainage corridors and hollows, and in places broader valleys and basins. River

Section Details

Trip Length Full Day, 23.5 Miles
Fishing Yes
Manager National Park Service, Northeast Regional Office
Wild & Scenic Yes
Water Trail No
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Photo Credit: Tim Palmer