Class IV-V North Fork Feather River, CA

Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse

Dewatered for decades, the Feather River flows again thanks to the advocacy of American Whitewater, resulting in a new classic than can be boated through the summer, and is the site of Feather Fest.

Section Details

Trip Length Full Day, 8.0 Miles
Fishing Yes
Camping Yes
Manager U.S. Forest Service, Plumas National Forest
Wild & Scenic No
Water Trail No
Description American Whitewater
River Flow Information

This section of river is dependent on flow being released from an upstream hydropower dam.

The license order provides for recreation flow releases for whitewater boating. The license also provided for recreation site improvments to enhance access to the river. (Rock Creek-Cresta, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission P-1962)

Photo Credit: Dancing Boy Tobin - Close Up | Photo by Paul Martzen taken 10/06/05 @ 1000 cfs