Class II-III Mulchatna River, AK

Turquoise Lake to Dummy Creek

The Mulchatna River, originating in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, flows through astonishingly scenic tundra. Its headwaters are Turquoise Lake, and it is flanked by the glacier-clad Chigmit Mountains to the east. The Mulchatna Caribou Herd frequents the area.

The Mulchatna River flows west through its foothills approximately 22 miles to the border of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The river continues an additional 49 miles through state land before joining the Chilikadrotna, then continues 113 miles before joining the Nushagak River, which flows an additional 104 miles into Bristol Bay near Dillingham.

Section Details

Trip Length Multiday, 84.0 Miles
Fishing Yes
Camping Yes
Permit No
Manager National Park Service, Lake Clark National Park
Wild & Scenic Yes
Water Trail No
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