Class II-III Middle Fork Fortymile River, AK

Fortymile National Wild and Scenic River - Main Stem (Confluence with Joseph Creek to Confluence with North Fork)

The Middle Fork below Joseph Creek is a clear, rushing river, flowing through a river bottom up to 1 mile across. Numerous substantial tributaries enter this section of river and extensive sand and gravel bars are often a feature around their mouths. The water quaIity is excellent and this section represents a truely wild river. Numerous class II rapids challenge the boater and outstanding scenic views, particularly to the south, are a feature of this section. The Middle Fork drains a large area and water levels are sufficient at alI but the most extreme low levels to float canoes or rafts. The average gradient is 10 feet per mile. Wildlife is relatively abundant, with caribou, moose, and the occasional grizzly bear or wolf. (Bureau of Land Management)

Section Details

Trip Length 42.0 Miles
Fishing Yes
Camping Yes
Manager Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks District Office
Wild & Scenic Yes
Partner Information
Description American Whitewater